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package : ZenFS
Author : Bruno Desthuilliers
Version : 0.0.5

public class ZenFSXSLTDocMaker

A XSLT based FSDocMaker.
Process an XML source thru XSLT with the given XSL file


public void ZenFSXSLTDocMaker

Really dont do much...

Parameters :
object ZenContentManager $ContentManager : Reference to the ContentManager, required by the API but not used here
string $docMakerConf : Path to the conf file (here a XSL stylesheet) for the docMaker

Return : (void)

public mixed makeDocument

Create a document
XSLT processing, splitting head from body and packaging this into a ZenDocument object.

Parameters :
mixed $docQueryData : docType and path to the XML file to parse

Return : (mixed) The created document, or null if failed

public string getErrorMsg

Return the XSLT processor error message.

Return : (string)


private string $_xslpath

Path to the XSL file

private string $_errorMsg

Error message