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Deep Changes # 05 02 2004 #
I'm currently making (relatively) deep modifications to the ZenEngine framework, so if you're using it, you'd better not bother too much updating to 0.0.6, nor checkout from the CVS for a few days. I'll drop a note here when this will be somewhat more stable !-) .

0.0.6 released # 26 01 2004 #
A bit later than expected, but...

Happy new year, 0.0.6 coming soon # 06 01 2004 #
Happy new year, you all... and thanks to the 157 people that tried ZenEngine since August 2003 (how many of you are using it, I'd like to know). I had very few spare time since past summer, so ZenEngine's development went somewhat slowly. Anyway I found time to add some few things like an XML-based MenuMaker, an HTML-based docMaker, and a template system for menu formatting. All this will be in the 0.0.6 release, which should be out next week. I also began to rework the whole design to make it more flexible and evolutive. I can't tell for sure how long it will take before I'm satisfied with this new design, but one can bet release 0.0.7 should be ready around late february, early march.

ZenEngine's now on sourceforge # 18 08 2003 #
The ZenEngine project is now hosted on sourceforge.net. The project page is here. For some technical reasons (lack of PHP-XSLT support at sf.net), the home page is still here for now.

New web page # 05 08 2003 #
A new ZenEngine powered web page for ZenEngine, with at last a bit of documentation.

ZenEngine 0.0.5 # 04 08 2003 #
ZenEngine version 0.0.5 is out. New features are:
  • Separation of the Core framework from the MenuMaker+DocMakers classes, that goes into the ZenFS package
  • Pluggable MenuMaker and docMakers (see the ZenFS package)
  • Support for 'composed documents' in ZenFS, thanks to the pluggable docMakers
  • An XSLT based docMaker for ZenFS