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package : ZenEngine/Core
Author : Bruno Desthuilliers
Version : 0.0.5

public class ZenAbstractDocMaker

The interface a concrete docMaker class must expose.
Dont use this class, it's only here for documentation.


public void ZenAbstractDocMaker

Constructor, takes a reference to a contentManager and the path to a conf file.
The contentManager reference is needed by ComposedDocMakers so they can call backon the content manager to get the right docMakers for the parts.

Parameters :
object [unknown] $contentManager : Reference to the contentManager
string $docMakerConf : Path to the config.file for the docMaker

Return : (void)

public string getErrorMsg

Return an error message if something went wrong when creating the document

Return : (string) An error message

public mixed makeDocument

Create the document corresponding to the docQueryData.
Note that the structure and content of the docQueryData are a convention betweenthe menuMaker and the docMaker.

Parameters :
mixed $docQueryData : Depends on the MenuMaker and DocMaker implementations

Return : (mixed) The created document, or null if failed