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package : ZenEngine/Core
Author : Bruno Desthuilliers
Version : 0.0.5

public class ZenEngine

ZenEngine is the 'entry point' of the framework.
It builds and coordonate the other objects, and act as a Facade for the most important functionalities.


public void ZenEngine

ZenEngine's constructor, parse config file and init all the components.

Parameters :
string $config_path : path to the ZenEngine config file

Return : (void)

public void setCurrentPage

Get the menu item for the given key, and retrieve the associated document
if $key is null, defaults to the first menu item that is a document.

Parameters :
string $key : key for the menuItem or null

Return : (void)

public string getDocumentHead

Return the Head part of the current document

Return : (string)

public string getDocumentBody

Return the Body part of the current document

Return : (string)

public object ZenMenuItem getFirstMenuItem

Return first menu item.

Return : (object ZenMenuItem)

public object ZenMenuItem getNextMenuItem

Return next menu item.

Return : (object ZenMenuItem)

public object ZenMenuManager getMenuManager

Return the menu manager itself.
Use this if the menu access functions provided by the ZenEngine class dont fit your needs.

Return : (object ZenMenuManager)

public string getCurrentKey

Return the key of the current document
May be useful for the menu prettyprinter code

Return : (string)


private object ZenMenuManager $_menumanager

The ZenMenuManager componant, handles menu access.

private object ZenContentManager $_contentmanager

The ZenContentManager componant, handles data access

private object ZenDocument $_currentDoc

The document currently displayed.

private string $_currentKey

The menu key for the current document.

private array $_config

The config for ZenEngine, as an associative array